About the #HeyAreYouOK? Campaign

Dr Gill Green, CEO & co-founder of STORM®, had one aim in mind when she created the HeyAreYouOK? campaign – to change attitudes and culture towards emotional and mental health.

Finding life difficult to cope with is something that we can all experience at sometime in our life, but it can be hard to take time out to look after ourselves or to ask for help. Whilst we have become more aware and understanding of emotional and mental health, we still live in a world that views talking about how we are feeling as a weakness.

The simple 3-step message challenges this culture by encouraging us to look after ourselves, look out for others, and if we feel able to, offer help and support if someone is struggling. By reaching out before life becomes difficult, or so unbearable that suicide becomes an option, we can make a difference.

Help us to spread the 3-step message and together “let’s shift the paradigm”. Help us to live in a world where suicide does not become an option; distress is met with compassion; and people feel able to ask for help.

#HeyAreYouOK? 3-step message

Step 1: Look after yourself

Step 2: Look out for others

Step 3: And if you feel able to, offer your help and support

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If you would like to do more, consider helping us bring meaning and life to the 3-steps message and share your story…

Have you ever reached out to someone and asked if they are ‘OK’, or has anyone reached out to you and asked if your ‘OK’? Do you feel that sharing your story will help others to understand the power of compassion in making a difference to someone’s life?

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