Lack of funding and resources are major obstacles in developing countries, and efforts to educate the community and train frontline staff can be further challenged by cultural or religious beliefs - suicide in some cultures is seen as taboo or a sin, and in some countries attempting suicide is still a crime.

STORM® is committed to working with communities and professionals in developing countries overcome these obstacles by providing skills training at no cost. Over the last five years, STORM® training continues to be delivered to mainly healthcare staff in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Russia. Dr Safi Afghan, Dr Shahid Quraishi have between them delivered training in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and Professor Linda Gask has delivered STORM® training to psychiatrists in Russia.

Suicide prevention training should be accessible to everyone who needs it. Our aim is to offer assistance to those who do not have the financial capacity to fund STORM® training for themselves. We will offer:

  • Free or subsidised STORM® training places for individuals from community groups or charities who do not have the capacity to pay the full costs of training.
  • Free or subsidised STORM® training sessions for groups of staff from community groups and charities who do not have the capacity to pay the full costs of training.
  • Our services to research, adapt and evaluate STORM® training packages for projects in developing countries.

Invitations to apply for this assistance will be published on our website.

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