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Having knowledge about a topic does not automatically mean you have the skills to apply that knowledge effectively.  This was one of the key reasons why the STORM® was created 20 years ago: to help bridge the gap between academic knowledge and clinical practice, and to build skills in compassionate and empathetic communication with people experiencing thoughts of suicide.

STORM® Skills Training packages have demonstrated their usefulness and relevance across a range of settings and skill levels.  We are sure we can find an option that suits your particular situation. 

Why Choose Us?

Similar to other suicide prevention training packages that might be available, STORM® Skills Training Sessions are evidence based and use what is considered best practice; the content of the training sessions is draw from academic literature.

The strength of STORM®, is that our training sessions have been shown, by academic research, to be effective in in developing & enhancing skills, improving attitudes and increasing confidence in helping someone in distress.

Our Evidence speaks for itself.    

At STORM®, we believe that no one should profit from another person’s distress.  

As a not-for-profit social business, we reinvest our surplus income into expanding our social impact.  In addition to building on our success with the creation of new and updated programmes, we run a number of Community Engagement programmes with a focus on suicide and self-harm.   Investing in STORM® is investing in social impact and value for you, your staff, your service users and across the community.  

Learn more about our Community Engagement Program.    

When tackling one of life’s most challenging and sensitive topics, you want to make sure that training is delivered in the right way.  You want to know:

•   The person providing the training is knowledgeable and experienced.  Our STORM® Consultants are skilled trainers with a wide range of experiences and professional backgrounds.  They are also passionate about suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation, this is why we choose them.

•   The training being delivered is appropriate, useful and relevant.  Our model ensures everyone has an opportunity to learn and to develop their skills.

•   There will be good outcomes for you, your team, your service users and across the community.  The research supports STORM®’s effectiveness across a range of audiences including frontline health and social care staff, volunteer workers, school and higher education staff and in prisons.  Our years of experience, also tells us that the benefits go beyond these specific target groups. 

Learn more about our professional skills training packages by selecting from the options below. 

A number of STORM® Skills Training packages are accredited with CPD Certification Service.

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