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To make sure that we are flexible and responsive to your needs, we offer a bespoke option. Increasingly, our customers are telling us that they have a broader range of educational and training needs. Perhaps they are commissioning for a large area covering different agencies, professional groups and job-roles, or the organisation has a complex and diverse workforce. Some customers have asked for a combination of short 2-hour educational workshops to raise awareness for some of their staff, and STORM® training sessions for others.


We offer a bespoke education and training service to help plan, develop and deliver skills-based training or education workshops that are at the right level and context for your workforce.

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An example of our bespoke training and education in action

STORM recently delivered bespoke suicide prevention awareness workshops on the Isle of Man.  Watch the  short documentary about this piece of work and get in touch if you'd like to talk about bespoke training and education.

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