Our Story

Looking back at our history over the last 20-years, we know that nothing would have been achieved without the support and commitment from the STORM® Community. We began as a small research project that has grown and evolved into a successful Social Business.

This growth came out of the demand from organisations and individuals wanting to improve their ability to help others. Organisations and individuals who value the lives of others and who invest in training to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help those in distress. 

With over 1000 STORM® Facilitators and many more participants trained to help those at risk, we are all making a difference to the lives of others in our community.

We are a social business providing professional skills training and community education in suicide prevention, self harm mitigation and suicide postvention across the globe. 

Through our work, we hope to contribute to a world where suicide does not become an option; distress is met with compassion; and people feel able to ask for help.

Our academic and clinical origin means that our training is supported by research.

Studies have demonstrated that the STORM® model of training is effective at improving attitudes, increasing confidence and, importantly, at developing skills.

At STORM®, we believe that no one should profit from another person’s distress.

We are a not-for-profit social business that reinvests our surplus income to expand our social impact through our Community Engagement Programmes. 

With special thanks to Goldman Sachs and UnLtd.

Both these organisations were key in STORM's business development.


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