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As part of STORM®'s Community Engagement Programme – Reaching Out… activities, we made a donation to the NSPA to allow some delegates with lived experience or limited funds to attend their suicide prevention conference - 'Suicide prevention: from community to clinician'.

Over 300 people from across the public, private and voluntary sectors attended the NSPA’s 6th suicide prevention conference.

Penny Fosten, NSPA Executive Lead, said: “The Conference was bigger than ever this year, and we were delighted to hear how much people valued hearing from people who have been personally affected by suicide, as well as learning more about national policy and local good practice.”

STORM®’s Reaching Out… donation provided 6 places at the conference to:

– 2 people with lived experience

– 2 PhD students studying suicide prevention in different ways

– 2 carers – enabling 2 people who were paying full price to attend with appropriate support

We received expressions of thanks from both the NSPA and delegates who we enabled to attend. Our hearts were well and truly warmed to read the feedback, all of whom said how useful the day was.

One of the delegates has given us permission to share her quote with you about the impact that attending the conference will have on her future research & studies;

“It’s hard to find words to express just how useful it was for me to attend the NSPA Conference last week.
I can’t stress how important it is for me to connect with individuals and organisations working in this field here in the UK in order to maximise the impact of [my research] and the NSPA Conference gave me a perfect opportunity to connect with people from across the country, and also to learn about all the great work going on in the field of suicide prevention and postvention.
As a direct result of attending the conference, I’ve been invited to present to a number of organisations about my Churchill Fellowship research to advise on how they can best support children after suicide loss so I’m extremely grateful to STORM® Skills Training for their support.
I’m operating with very limited resources and without STORM® Skills Training’s generous support, I simply would not have been able to attend the NSPA Conference.”

A little about Reaching Out…

Our Reaching Out… programme aims to help grassroots charities and groups to reach out to those who are at risk of suicide, self-harm and/or mental illness to raise awareness and/or provide help and support.

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