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About our #HeyAreYouOK? Workshops for Workplaces

The aim of the #HeyAreYouOK? Campaign is to:

Promote a culture that teaches us to recognise (di)stress and to talk about it openly and honestly; a culture that teaches us to ask for help without fear of being stigmatised; and a culture that teaches us that sometimes we need to reach out to those we think may be finding life difficult to cope with.

STORM® believes that the responsibility for mental health and wellbeing needs to be mutually inclusive between the workplace and the workforce. 

Through the #HeyAreYouOK Workshops for Workplaces, staff members explore the 3-steps of the #HeyAreYouOK? campaign in detail in order to:

  • Dispel myths and challenge stigma
  • Understand how (di)stress impacts on mental & physical health
  • Understand the relationship between (di)stress and self-harm & suicide
  • Build a resilience framework to emotional health
  • Create a compassionate, responsive workplace culture
Through Self-reflection, Discussion, and group work in a safe learning environment, staff will learn how the #HeyAreYouOK 3-step approach can help in their professional and personal lives.

Through Self-reflection, Discussion, Role-rehearsal and Group Work in a safe learning environment, staff will learn how to embed the #HeyAreYouOK 3-steps into workplace culture.

Other training opportunities with STORM®

In addition to our courses in Skills Training in Suicide Prevention and Self-harm Mitigation, we have some other training opportunities that you might be interested in. These include; #HeyAreYouOK workshops for workplaces, Reaching Out… workshops and Starting the Conversation workshops.

Striving towards a more collaborative and inclusive approach to suicide prevention.

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