Changing attitudes and culture towards emotional and mental health

Dr Gill Green, CEO & co-founder of STORM®, had one aim in mind when she created the HeyAreYouOK? campaign – to change attitudes and culture towards emotional and mental health.

Finding life difficult to cope with is something that we can all experience at sometime in our life, but it can be hard to take time out to look after ourselves or to ask for help. Whilst we have become more aware and understanding of emotional and mental health, we still live in a world that views talking about how we are feeling as a weakness.

The simple 3-step message challenges this culture by encouraging us to look after ourselves, look out for others, and if we feel able to, offer help and support if someone is struggling. By reaching out before life becomes difficult, or so unbearable that suicide becomes an option, we can make a difference.

Help us to spread the 3-step message and together “let’s shift the paradigm”. Help us to live in a world where suicide does not become an option; distress is met with compassion; and people feel able to ask for help.

HeyAreYouOK Campaign - 3 Step Message

About the #HEYAREYOUOK? Song and Film

The #HeyAreYouOK? team have come together (with many talented people- more to come on those shortly) to make a song.

We hope this helps to get the campaign’s 3 step message out to the world.

Featuring – Christian Foley

Mica Bernard

CEO & Co-founder Storm CIC – Dr Gill Green

Produced by Georg Seiler, Jack Pollington Music

Composition – Thomas Lydon, Dustless Digital Audio Music

Production – Danny Cross

Lyrics – Georg Seiler, Christian Foley

Film Director – Jack Pollington

Director of Photography – Matt Gillan

Editor – Chloe Alexandra Hardwick

Production Designer – Yasmin Williams

Assistant Camera – George Phull

Gaffer – Adam Grasso

Make Up Artist – Anna Kelly

Production Assistants – Brett Wilcock, Luisa Gaviano, Location – Jack Seaman, Michael Macias, Shipwright London

With Special Thanks to National Film and Television School Music Production: http://www.tailoredrhymes.com

Film Production: http://www.fancyajampictures.com

#HeyAreYouOK? Workshops for Workplaces

With STORM® Skills Training and the #HeyAreYouOK workshops, the workplace not only has a workforce with the relevant skills to help look after their own mental wellbeing, and to reach out to someone in (di)stress, but also the opportunity to develop a culture that more effectively manages and responds to (di)stress.

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Striving towards a more collaborative and inclusive approach to suicide prevention.

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