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Our Vision, Missions & Values

Our Vision

Striving towards a more collaborative and inclusive approach to suicide prevention

Our Missions


To offer high quality skills training that empowers people working and volunteering on the frontline to prevent suicide

Community Enagement

To  raise awareness of suicide and promote emotional, mental and physical health.

Our Values

Compassionate for self & others

We seek to understand distress and work towards reducing it where we can.


We aim to be impactful by adding value and making a positive difference through our training and community engagement activities.


We embody inclusivity and aim to becoming a fully diverse team.


We are passionate about suicide prevention and work to empower everyone to play a part.

Evidence based

We ensure that our training uses knowledge from current research evidence and best practice frameworks, and, that the STORM® model continues to be researched and evaluated where appropriate


We strive for excellence through a culture of continual learning and improvement.


We collaborate with our partners, stakeholders and networks to achieve shared goals in preventing suicide.


Being a fair, honest and ethical business that employees, customers, partners and stakeholders can be proud to be associated with.

Learn more about our story

Looking back at our history over the last 20-years, we know that nothing would have been achieved without the support and commitment from the STORM® Community. We began as a small research project at the University of Manchester that has grown and evolved into a successful Social Business.
STORM Skills Training logo - Suicide prevention training for the frontline
Striving towards a more collaborative and inclusive approach to suicide prevention.

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