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STORM® Skills Training packages are based on academic research and best practice with a focus on real life experiences. Evidence underpins the content and methods of our training packages, and our unique formula is supported by academic research.

STORM® Evidence and Research

Doing ‘something’ to help someone in distress is valuable and important, but doing something with a sound evidence base can have greater benefit.  

With an academic and clinical background with over 20 years’ experience, we know what works well in training and to help those in distress.

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Based on Academic Research

STORM® packages are based on academic research and best practice with a focus on real life experiences. Evidence underpins the content and methods of our training packages, and our unique formula is supported by academic research.
Studies have demonstrated that STORM® skills training is effective in:
The research supports STORM®’s effectiveness across a range of audiences including:

Peer Reviewed Publications STORM®Research & Evaluation Studies

An evaluation of the implementation of cascade training for suicide prevention during the ‘Choose Life’ initiative in Scotland – utilizing Normalization Process

Gask L, Coupe N, Green G
BMC Health Services Research.

2019; 19:588: 2-11.
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Impact and acceptability of delivering skills-based training on risk management (STORM®) in Australian secondary schools.

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Improvements to Suicide Prevention Training for Prison Staff in England and Wales

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Evaluating STORM® skills training for managing people at risk of suicide

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Journal of Advanced Nursing.

2006;54: 739-750.

The effects on suicide rates of an educational intervention for front-line health professionals with suicidal patients (the STORM® Project).

Morriss R, Gask L, Webb R, Dixon C, Appleby L


An educational intervention for front-line health professionals in the assessment and management of suicidal patients (The STORM® Project)

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Psychological Medicine.


Pilot study evaluation of suicide prevention gatekeeper training utilising STORM® in a British university setting.

Gask L, Coupe N, McElvenny D, Green G
British Journal of Guidance & Counselling.

2017; 45(5): 593-605.

Dissemination and implementation of suicide prevention training in one Scottish region

Gask L, Lever-Green G, Hays R
BMC Health Services Research.

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Developments in suicide prevention training for prison staff: STORM® and Beyond

Hayes AJ & Lever-Green G
The Journal of Mental Health Workforce Development.


The development, research and implementation of STORM® (Skills-based Training on Risk Management)

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The principles of establishing training courses in risk assessment and management.

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Teaching frontline health and voluntary workers to assess and manage suicidal patients

Morriss R, Gask L & Battersby L. et al
Journal of Affective Disorders.


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Training opportunities with STORM®

Our Suicide Prevention and Self-harm Mitigation courses have been designed to accommodate the needs of people with differing levels of engagement and responsibility for safety planning.

In addition to our courses in Skills Training in Suicide Prevention and Self-harm Mitigation, we have some other training opportunities that you might be interested in; Reaching Out… Workshops, Starting the Conversation Workshops and #HeyAreYouOK Workshops for Workplaces.

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Striving towards a more collaborative and inclusive approach to suicide prevention.

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